Jimmy Brown's Southern Fried Chicken

Are you looking to shake up the flavors in your fried chicken dish? Here's a simple way on how Jimmy would do it.


  • 1 bag of uncooked chicken
  • Jimmy Brown Seasoning
  • Cooking Flour
  • Jimmy Brown Sauce (for dipping)
  • French Fries (your choice of brand)
  • Parsley
  • Cooking Oil


  • Clean the uncooked chicken
  • Season the chicken to your liking
  • Prep the chicken to go into the fryer by mixing the chicken with the flour 
  • Make sure that you're cooking fried chicken at the right temp, which between 300 and 325 degrees Fahrenheit. At this heat, the chicken gets a nice crisp crust (no burning) and the inside is delightfully cooked through. 
  • After the chicken is fully cooked, place the French Fries in the fryer. Your fries should have a golden brown look to it. 
  • When fries are finished, shake some Jimmy Brown seasoning on your fries.
  • Use the Jimmy Brown Sauce for dipping (thank me later)
  • Oh, don't forget to add your parsley when plating your meal!

That's it! We hope you enjoy this dish! Make sure you order your some Jimmy Brown Sauce and seasoning! Order at https://bossbrown.com